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This Week We Have Been Mostly Reading

Sometimes life gets in the way of reading but even if it’s only a few lines before bed, we try to fit it in. What we really need is a nice long train journey or a holiday but the opportunities for those are currently few and far between!

However, if we can’t update this site with at least one new book each per week, we’re not doing very well so here goes…


Kate has been reading…

Educated by Tara Westover


Firstly I should admit that I read this one in a break from reading Beloved as I felt I didn’t have the level of concentration last week to do it justice – back to Toni Morrison tomorrow when I have a chunk of time to put aside.

Educated was perfect for last week’s train journey – a riveting story, made more unputdownable by the fact that it is true but nevertheless easy to put down and quickly reengage with. It’s very well written and the narrative flows very smoothly. Just very hard to believe that it all took place very recently – it feels like something that can only have happened 30-40 years ago.

Nice link with Cambridge also toward the end!

Anne has been reading…

The Mistletoe Murder and other Stories by P. D. James

Sorry about last week’s post, I forgot to save the draft for the P.G, Wodehouse book so there was a picture of me reading What Ho, Jeeves and a review of The Grapes of Wrath!

Many years ago, I read all of P.D.James’ books so was looking forward to these short stories, two of which involve Adam Dagliesh, the detective in her previous books. It feels odd to be reading Christmassy stories in the middle of a heatwave but the first two are excellent and about right for my attention span this week which is suffering from overheating! P.D.James writes beautifully and it’s surprisingly comforting to read a good crime story!


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