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Over the last 100 years the Imperial War Museum has been gathering together a collection of tens of thousands of letters and archives from British and Commonwealth troops serving on the front line, in conflicts from the First World War through to the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Revealing the most intimate details of the lives of these soldiers, this collection uncovers the startling similarities between the men fighting in the muddy trenches of the Somme, yomping across the frozen ground of the Falklands and carefully picking their way through the heat and dust of Afghan wadis. by acclaimed British military history Andrew Roberts, this is a classic collection of war letters from the frontline revealing the common hopes and fears shared by soldiers across the passage of time.

‘Roberts has done careful and painstaking research into letters which are often surprisingly humorous, despite adverse conditions and often very moving. Summaries link each section, so you often learn the fate of the writer. This is a fascinating account, based on actual words used at the time and is thoroughly recommended.’ Trevor Osgerby, The Historian

  • Roberts, Andrew
  • Hardback

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